Keynote at Data Summit 2016 Looks to the Future of Big Data and its Technologies

What’s on the horizon for big data, analytics, and business intelligence as technology evolves faster and faster?

In Data Summit’s 2016 closing keynote, John O’Brien, principal analyst and CEO, at Radiant Advisors, discussed how technology will evolve and grow in the future.

“I was with some of you in the Modern Data Architecture track and the best way to describe it is that it was like getting information from a fire house,” O’Brien said. “There’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of speed of change going on.”

Digitally everything is evolving and it changes the way people work, what we do with data, and how we organize all this with new data, O’Brien explained.

Looking ahead, he sees the rise of cognitive computing with a shift to humans and machines collaborating on programs that can work with big data and big streams and are built to learn, adapt, and discover.

“We are crossing a line that it’s going to the mainstream because we have nearly 30 years of technology enablement behind us,” O’Brien said.

Artificial intelligence will enhance technology solutions in the future, he said. Cognitive computing is a culmination of technologies, he continued, combining artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and computer science to create solutions that will explore big data, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, casual induction, probabilistic reasoning, data visualization, and internet of things.

Several examples of technologies already existence include IBM Watson, Amazon Echo, Siri, and Microsoft Cortana, O’Brien said. “These are systems that are programmed to learn, adapt, and discover with us,” O’Brien said.

Industries are beginning to look at cognitive computing as a necessary business competency to deal with existing challenges, according to O’Brien.

Massive amounts of data requires that humans are assisted more and the most value is in unstructured data that requires machines to analyze.

Cognitive applications can provide every user with proven business practices of the most experienced domain experts and quantifies options visually, O’Brien said.

Data Summit is an annual 2-day conference, preceded by a day of workshops, that offers a comprehensive educational experience designed to guide you through all of the key issues in data management and analysis today. The event brings together IT managers, data architects, application developers, data analysts, project managers, and business managers for an intense immersion into the key technologies and strategies for becoming a data-informed business.

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