Cloud Survey Reveals Users are Concerned About Security

Cloud is changing how the world interacts with data.  A majority of enterprises are considering, and many have already deployed, cloud services for applications, platform, and infrastructure needs.

Most deployments at this time are in the early or pilot stages, and often involve private clouds. However, most enterprises anticipate significant increase in data to both public and private clouds in the near future.

At the same time, an alarming number of enterprises actually expect to experience some type of data breach within their cloud environments over the coming year.

In a recent DBTA webinar Joe McKendrick, research analyst at Unisphere, and Troy Kitch, director of product marketing for Security Software at Oracle, discussed the results of new research conducted in cooperation with the Independent Oracle Users Group.

The research reveals that a significant portion of public cloud users believe the chance of a breach is likely, and lays out how to keep the cloud secure.

Between one-fourth and one-third of data managers expect to experience some type of data breach within their cloud environments over the coming year, McKendrick explained.

“There’s a great deal of fear,” McKendrick said.

In recent years, with so many breaches have becoming public, people have increased awareness of that possibility, Kitch added.

Survey respondents indicated the greatest threats are outside opportunists, followed by nation states, organized criminals, and internal consultants.

Public cloud providers sometimes offer notifications of breaches or security vulnerabilities, and compliance with government regulations. However, there’s still more left to do as many organizations shift to the cloud.

Public cloud services potentially offer greater protection than corporate data centers and many data managers are now comfortable with public cloud.

To view this webinar, go here.