CloudBees Extends Platform as a Service to Enterprises

CloudBees, Inc., a Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, announced the availability of two new “one-click” services to customize cloud platforms and to streamline end-to-end application deployments across user-defined runtimes.  The first new service, ClickStarts, is intended to reduce to a single click everything needed to create and deploy a running application that builds from source, is set up with continuous integration and deployment, and connects to other hosted services. ClickStacks enables end users to customize CloudBees runtimes and compose new runtimes that applications run on.

Platform as a Service cloud computing “is going to happen much like open source happened 10 years ago,” Sacha Labourey, CEO of CloudBees, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Labourey, who worked at JBoss, an open-source application server, observes that many companies started out using the open source platform informally, often under the radar of their own management. Such is also the case with PaaS, he adds.

Users can create their own ClickStarts and ClickStacks, or use and modify the ones provided by CloudBees to launch a working application that uses languages and frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, and JAX-R, the vendor states.

The new tools enable developers creating new projects can get started quickly using pre-defined ClickStarts that are targeted at the application stack of their choice.  Enterprises can also ensure adherence to corporate standards by creating custom runtimes to capture unique corporate standards for re-use on the CloudBees platform by development teams. 

Traditional on=premises platforms, such as Java EE, have not kept pace with the new execution environments of the cloud and expectations of developers creating new value in the form of hosted services, according to CloudBees. The move to Platform as a Service is, in effect, a disruptive force for enterprise IT shops, says Labourey. “Any disruption is frightening to enterprises, and their first reaction tends to be to think its all about IT, all about geek management. Those guys try to first ignore that movement. But enterprises have to learn to leverage the benefits of the cloud.” 

ClickStacks and ClickStarts are provided as a standard feature of the CloudBees platform at no additional cost.

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