CloudBees and Argo Rollouts Partner to Advance Deployment Strategies to Kubernetes

CloudBees, a software delivery platform for enterprises, announced the integration of CloudBees’ continuous delivery and release orchestration solution, CloudBees CD/RO, with Argo Rollouts to enhance customers' ability to deliver software faster, with higher quality, and at scale in cloud-native environments.

This latest integration for CloudBees furthers its ability to support customers to deploy applications with confidence in their desired format, according to the company.

“This integration of CloudBees CD/RO with Argo Rollouts is a continuation of our commitment to best-in-class open-source tools that empower our customers in their software delivery journey,” said Shawn Ahmed, chief product officer, CloudBees. “We strive to meet our customers where they are with our open platform strategy, and are confident this integration will provide them with better control and visibility over the deployment process for cloud-native applications.”

The integration with Argo Rollouts—a Kubernetes controller and set of custom resource definitions (CRDs) providing advanced deployment capabilities—empowers CloudBees customers to seamlessly promote new application versions with no downtime, distribute software updates in a controlled manner, and test new versions of code in real-world environments before rolling out to the masses.

Argo Rollouts is also compatible with existing manifests and CRDs, meaning customers can continue to use their own tools while utilizing better deployment strategies, such as blue-green and canary.

CloudBees CD/RO is an enterprise-grade DevOps release orchestration platform that simplifies provisioning, building, and releasing of multi-tiered applications and microservices.

Its model-driven approach to managing processes across environments, applications and tooling allows teams to coordinate multiple pipelines and releases across hybrid infrastructure in an efficient, predictable and auditable way.

Argo Rollouts is integrated directly into CloudBees CD/RO via the microservices application modeling feature which provides environment inventory visibility and analytics to track deployment activities across projects and teams.

 Other benefits of the integration include:

  • Real-time information about application versions in different environments;
  • Visibility into application state during release, such as the path to production;
  • Deployment analytics including frequency, duration and success rates;
  • And security policies allowing only authorized users to promote releases to production.

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