CloudBolt Software Offers Next-Generation Augmented FinOps Capabilities

CloudBolt Software, The Cloud ROI Company and leader in cloud financial management, is releasing a series of Augmented FinOps capabilities coming throughout 2024 aimed at redefining the FinOps landscape.

Leveraging advancements in AI and ML, and industry-leading orchestration, CloudBolt aspires to extend FinOps capabilities to any cloud at every stage of the resource lifecycle. These advancements stand to help place value at the center of all cloud decisions for all users, according to the company.

FinOps combines financial management principles with cloud engineering and operations to provide organizations with a deeper understanding of cloud spending and actionable insights to more effectively allocate and optimize cloud costs.

“For years, FinOps teams and IT leaders have grappled with rising cloud costs without a clear picture of the value their investments bring to the business. Companies have been struggling with solutions that have proven to be expensive, incomplete, ineffective, and only solve thin slices of the cloud finance problem,” said Craig Hinkley, chief executive officer of CloudBolt. “We’re reacting to the market. The new cloud imperative is value-driven decision-making. At CloudBolt, our mission is to make this possible.”

CloudBolt’s upcoming Augmented FinOps advancements are focused on three distinct areas of differentiating capabilities:

  • AI/ML-informed cost insights for heightened observability and analysis across diverse perspectives
  • Full Lifecycle FinOps to facilitate automated, data-driven decision-making across all resource stages and continuously improve cloud ROI
  • A unified control framework that converges public and private clouds into one cohesive cloud fabric with a unified access point and user experience

“For the first time, practitioners will be able to leverage AI/ML-informed insights and apply intelligent automation and orchestration both retrospectively and proactively,” said Kyle Campos, CloudBolt’s chief technology and product officer. “In doing so, users will finally be able to enjoy complete cloud lifecycle optimization by more rapidly and confidently turning insights into actions that maximize cloud ROI and pave the way for customers to solve higher order business problems.”

Additionally, the FinOps Foundation, a part of The Linux Foundation's non-profit technology consortium focused on advancing the people and practice of FinOps, announced that CloudBolt Software has become a Premier Member.

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