CloudBolt and StormForge Collaborate to Bring Kubernetes cost Visibility and Optimization into the FinOps Ecosystem

CloudBolt Software, The Cloud ROI Company, is partnering with StormForge, a leading provider of Kubernetes resource optimization, with the goal of bringing Kubernetes cost visibility and optimization into the FinOps ecosystem.

“Kubernetes users have not had a path to maximize their cloud ROI with the market’s lack of a cohesive solution to inform, optimize, and automate Kubernetes cost reporting. We’re excited to close that loop by seamlessly integrating our ML-driven, automated Kubernetes optimization with CloudBolt’s Augmented FinOps platform,” said Yasmin Rajabi, StormForge’s VP of product. 

While the FinOps industry has had success providing cost visibility and optimization recommendations at the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) layer, it has not yet delivered the same value in Kubernetes ecosystems. Without any form of monitoring, organizations remain unaware of actual spend and over-allocated cloud resources, according to the companies.

The integration of StormForge’s intelligent machine learning capabilities with CloudBolt’s Augmented FinOps offerings is intended to deliver full Kubernetes cost visibility, with detailed cost allocation against real-time performance metrics and fully automated Kubernetes optimization.

By adopting the new joint solution, users can benefit from:

  • Complete shared cost distribution—CloudOps teams can align with FinOps teams for showback/chargeback that accurately allocates costs based on real container-level performance data to create non-contested attribution. 
  • Continuous rightsizing—Practitioners will have the ability to dramatically reduce insight-to-action lead time through continuous Kubernetes optimization. 
  • Improved cloud ROI—Kubernetes clusters can be included into cost visibility and optimization workflows that have previously been isolated from the rest of cloud spend.

“As Kubernetes adoption continues to accelerate, costs have exploded and foundational FinOps capabilities like chargeback and container level visibility prove to be difficult or absent altogether, and rarely result in optimization,” said Kyle Campos, CloudBolt’s chief technology and product officer. “This strategic partnership will empower Kubernetes users with ML-based FinOps capabilities to effectively manage Kubernetes expenditure by not only delivering cost visibility, allocation, and rightsizing recommendations, but also natively orchestrating the execution of those recommendations against Kubernetes clusters.”

CloudBolt and StormForge will be delivering a joint presentation at FinOps Foundation’s FinOps X annual conference, taking place June 19-22 in San Diego, CA. The two companies are targeting early Q3 2024 for general availability of the new solution. 

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