CloudJumper Acquires IndependenceIT to Expand Data in the Cloud

CloudJumper, a Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform provider for agile business IT, is acquiring privately held IndependenceIT (IIT) to automate the deployment of applications, data, and workspaces in the cloud.

The combined synergy will drive increased margins, efficiency, and revenue opportunities for IT service providers globally.

By incorporating the strengths of the CWS platform, CloudJumper is positioned to expand what is possible in WaaS and cloud-based app enablement for SMBs and the enterprise.

Now, IT service providers have complete implementation flexibility and control over how applications and workspaces are configured across a public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure to better control the costs of IT management.

The expanded capabilities also allow organizations to automatically migrate from third-party VDI, DaaS, or WaaS platforms including Citrix, to the more seamless, easy to manage, and cost-effective CloudJumper solution suite.

“Businesses today are under pressing demands to deploy IT in ways that optimize agility, productivity, and security,” said JD Helms, president of CloudJumper. “The acquisition will empower CloudJumper to deliver the most complete solution portfolio on the market and address these challenges head-on. With this innovative complement, CloudJumper will provide new perspectives on the digital transformation of business, strengthening and streamlining all aspects of client computing systems and management.”

Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS) software takes a vendor-agnostic approach to cloud infrastructure automation and management, allowing service providers and enterprise IT administrators to more easily execute a multi-cloud strategy while reducing the time and resources required to build and deploy solutions.

CWS will be integrated into the my.CloudJumper partner portal, featuring the company’s JumpStart ground-to-cloud onboarding and Customer Management Module (CMM) with centralized customer account oversight for CloudJumper partners. JumpStart eliminates manual onboarding procedures through automation, saving precious staff time and financial resources.

CMM allows for complete end-customer account management, including the ability to add/modify accounts, manage CloudJumper’s 2,200+ cloud applications, administer server infrastructure, and much more. The game-changing capabilities are available to partners installing a full turn-key solution, deploying software or implementing in a hybrid environment.

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