CloudJumper Launches Streaming App Services Platform

CloudJumper, a Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform provider for agile business IT, is releasing a business-class Streaming App Services platform, offering a flexible application and data delivery for cloud-forward independent software vendors (ISVs) and application service providers (ASPs).

The CloudJumper Streaming App Service is a highly functional Windows application delivery solution which allows ISVs and ASPs to offer cloud-enabled applications to business customers by migrating to a cloud deployment model.

“This is the ability to deliver a specific app or group of apps down to the physical desktop without having to do it through a full cloud workspace type of environment,” said Max Pruger, CRO, CloudJumper.

The cloud-based service provides complete usage visibility for the provider, enabling higher levels of business mobility and agility for customers while reducing the time, resource, and management requirements typically required for on-premises IT management.

 CloudJumper Streaming App Service advantages include:

  • Automated cloud Active Directory (AD) configuration;
  • Integrated workload scheduling;
  • Automated cloud resource sizing and application deployment;
  • Integrated individual and group cloud file storage;
  • Native file integrity monitoring;
  • Multi-tier administration, and
  • CloudJumper’s Universal Global Service Broker.

For those solution providers that currently host applications in the cloud, CloudJumper facilitates a smooth migration process from third-party platforms with the Cloud Resource App (CRA).

The company will boost multi-factor authentication, support for third party applications, and more in the future, according to Pruger.

“We’re going to have pretty significant promotions for migrations through the end of this year,” Pruger said.

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