CloudLink Unveils SecureVM Integration with Microsoft Azure Key Vault

CloudLink Technologies, a provider of cloud security and data encryption management solutions has added CloudLink SecureVM support for Microsoft Azure Key Vault, a cloud-hosted HSM-backed service for managing cryptographic keys and other secrets used in cloud applications.

This joint solution between Microsoft and CloudLink is aimed at giving customers a seamless solution that allows complete control over their own encryption keys while leveraging the security, convenience of cloud-based key management.  According to the companies, with this solution, the cloud provider is responsible for key generation and storage. The customer, as the data owner, controls the security policy that regulates encryption key access and use.

This security policy is managed using CloudLink Center, a web interface that provides a single-pane-of-glass view of the VMs in the cloud environment under CloudLink management.

"With SecureVM, CloudLink extends Microsoft Azure Key Vault with powerful data encryption and VM boot control.  Giving the data owner the ability to define and control security policy that regulates encryption keys provides the customer flexibility to benefit from the cloud-based key management offered by Azure" says Alex Berlin, CEO of CloudLink. "More importantly, customers have confidence that root of trust master keys are never exposed outside Microsoft Azure Key Vault."

The CloudLink SecureVM management virtual appliance is available in the Azure Marketplace and CloudLink SecureVM agent is available as a Virtual Machines Extension.