Cloudant Adds Integrated Text Indexing and Search powered by Apache Lucene to Cloud Database Service

Cloudant, the provider of a globally distributed “data layer as a service,” has announced upgrades to its cloud database service that include integrated, full-text indexing and search powered by Apache Lucene. With Search 2.0, developers using Cloudant can improve mobile and web apps through high-performance indexing and analysis of textual documents.

Based on Apache Lucene, the open source search library, Cloudant Search 2.0 is coupled with the Cloudant database, providing unified API access, horizontal scaling, and a single REST endpoint for all application data. “We’re trying to provide a single uniform interface for people to interact with their application data, and we host the entire thing for developers,” Mike Miller, Cloudant’s co-founder and chief scientist, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Search 2.0 can index data in near real time and its scalable and fast search engine is able to process large volumes of data.

Lucene’s on-disk index file format, supported in Search 2.0, provides higher performance while requiring less storage space. “We want to make it very easy for people to build hyper-scalable applications,” Miller explains. Features such as ranked searching, powerful query types, bookmarking, fielded searching, merged index searching, and simultaneous update allow developers to enhance applications.

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