Cloudant Expands Data Center Presence with Global Data Layer as a Service

Expanding its data center presence worldwide, Cloudant has announced a global data layer as a service, which is intended to provide high performance, scalability, and availability to developers of big data applications that have highly distributed and/or fast growing customer bases.

By moving their databases to the cloud, developers of big data and web/mobile applications can take advantage of this global solution for storing, distributing, serving, and analyzing data in centers across Europe, Asia, and North America.

"What we provide to application developers is an alternative to creating their own databases to store information about users and what they're doing with the application data," explains Andy Ellicott, Cloudant's vice president of marketing. Instead of going through the time and cost of growing a database, he says, customers have "the experts at Cloudant monitoring, managing, and growing the database for them without having to employ specialists on staff."

Cloudant has experienced rapid growth as a company, and currently maintains more than 7,000 users of the Cloudant data layer worldwide. Their newest data center is located in Amsterdam, providing greater scalability and access to data. "The Cloudant data layer is now spanning data centers in almost all continents so that we can distribute our users' data to all those locations so that applications with global user bases get better performance," Ellicott tells 5 Minute Briefing. In addition, Cloudant has added experienced leaders to its executive team and moved its headquarters to Boston from Somerville, Mass.

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