Cloudastructure Expands its Solution Offerings to Include Advanced AI Analytics

Cloudastructure, a cloud-native AI surveillance company, is adding a new enterprise-grade solution with robust administration and safety features as well as AI analytics to its suite of offerings to meet the growing needs of its larger customers.

The new enterprise-grade offering will include different levels of administrative and user roles through its Permission System as well as a complete audit trail of user interaction with unlimited storage.

The solution already includes two-factor authentication and single-sign on (SSO) which integrates with active-directory/cloud-based identity and access management systems like OneLogin, OKTA and others. 

As with all Cloudastructure offerings, the enterprise solution has System Health Monitoring which provides alerts if the on-premises Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) is down or when cameras are offline. 

In addition to the administrative and security features, Cloudastructure is rolling out a significant amount of new AI analytics. 

AI Analytics features include anomaly detection, rule-based alerts based on key factors such as time of motion, person, license plate, etc., and more.  Powerful new search capabilities such as search by color of shirt or vehicle are also included.   

“These powerful AI features will allow enterprises to be much more proactive and intelligent in their security response.” said Rick Bentley, founder and CEO of Cloudastructure, Inc. “The strong response from our customers and prospects suggests that these features are going to provide companies with the ability to reduce incidents, increase customer service, with VIP alerts for example, and improve the centralized management and control of the overall security solution.” 

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