Cloudera Accelerates Hadoop-Based Analytics Solutions in the Cybersecurity Community

Cloudera, a provider of a data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop, has announced the availability of Open Network Insight (ONI) in partnership with cybersecurity vendors. 

The Open Network Insight (ONI) v1.0 project is an open source, community-developed network data model that provides visibility into security threats using big data analytics. ONI uses machine learning as a filter to separate suspicious network traffic from benign and to characterize the unique behavior of network traffic. The technology is extensible, enabling any number of vendors to enhance the open data model and develop their own innovative applications on top of it. ONI runs on top of Cloudera’s enterprise data hub (EDH) and other open big data platforms.

The new open source project is Apache 2.0 licensed and is currently being embedded into multiple GSI and ISV solutions to accelerate the deployment of Hadoop based platforms within certain cybersecurity solutions, according to TJ Laher, a product marketing executive at Cloudera. There has been a shift to Hadoop as a big data analytics and data management platform so that organizations can archive information under a security information system and run large scale machine learning or advanced analytics against it and then also make the data available for investigation remediation,  Laher noted.

Cloudera’s goal is to foster development of open object models beyond network to include endpoint, and user / identity and Cloudera’s cybersecurity-focused partners are leveraging ONI to accelerate their delivery of advanced solutions by leveraging a pre-built open data model coupled with the compute capabilities of Cloudera’s enterprise data hub.

According to Cloudera, a growing number of cybersecurity ISVs and GSIs are choosing Cloudera’s enterprise data hub to deliver advanced cybersecurity analytics solutions.

Recently, E8 Security and Securonix, two cybersecurity solution providers, have entered into OEM relationships with Cloudera to embed its technology into their product offerings to increase the scale and the analytics flexibility of their platforms, said Laher. 

"Cybersecurity technology has evolved from being deployed to protect and safeguard, to data-centric, analytics-driven use cases to ensure the integrity of business system,” noted Tom Bain, vice president of global marketing at Cloudera’s first OEM cybersecurity partner, CounterTack.

For more information, visit the Cloudera website.