Cloudera Announces Apache Hadoop Lifecycle Management Security Solution

Cloudera Inc., a provider of Apache Hadoop-based data management software, released a solution intended to simplify the process of running and managing Hadoop throughout the operational lifecycle of a system. The new release, Cloudera Enterprise 3.5, includes new automated service, configuration and monitoring tool,s and one-click security for Hadoop clusters.

The software is targeted at enterprise data sites of all sizes, Charles Zedlewski, VP of product management for Cloudera, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Cloudera Enterprise was developed to help businesses run Apache Hadoop use cases in production at all scopes of scale and criticality," he says. "We see enterprises just getting started with a few terabytes under management, or expanding their use of Apache Hadoop to multiple petabytes under management."

Cloudera Enterprise is a subscription service that includes a management suite in addition to support for Apache Hadoop and the rest of the Hadoop ecosystem. Version 3.5 is comprised of Cloudera Support and a portfolio of software in the Cloudera Management Suite. Concurrently, the company also announced the launch of Cloudera SCM Express, which is based on the new Service and Configuration Manager (SCM) in Cloudera Enterprise 3.5, intended to assist in installing and configuring a complete Apache Hadoop-based stack.

Users can now get, install and configure Apache Hadoop in minutes from a central dashboard and continue to make configuration updates while the system is running, the vendor says. SCM automates best practices for several Hadoop operations and includes a library of validations that prevent misconfiguration. It also helps automate tedious manual administrative processes to save time and reduce errors.

Cloudera Enterprise is intended to support both clouds as well as traditional on-site data centers, says Zedlewski. "Our open source distribution that includes Apache Hadoop, and our Management Suite can be and are used both in the public cloud as well as in the enterprise datacenter," he explains. "The public cloud usage is typically for test and development and the on premise usage is typically for production but there are exceptions to both of these."

Another feature, Activity Monitor, is intended to provide a deep, real-time view into Hadoop systems. The Activity Monitor consolidates all user activities (MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Streaming, Oozie) into a single, real-time view of what is happening across a Hadoop cluster at both a macro and micro level.

The new release is also intended to address recent burgeoning demand for Hadoop. "In a given year, we typically see organizations' usage of Hadoop triple, which is a combination of new use cases and adding more data to existing Hadoop use cases," says Zedlewski.

For more information about Cloudera Enterprise 3.5, go here.