Cloudera Partners with Informatica to Optimize Data Warehouses and Announces Cloudera Enterprise 5 Beta

Cloudera, an enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop, announced the public beta offering of Cloudera Enterprise 5, the company’s big data platform, which delivers the Enterprise Data Hub. A complementary technology to data warehouse implementations, an Enterprise Data Hub is a central system to land and work with all data, together with tools, security, and governance. Cloudera also announced it has joined forces with Informatica, a provider of data integration software, to create the new Data Warehouse Optimization (DWO) reference architecture for Enterprise Data Hub deployments.  

According to the vendors, the need for optimization of data warehouses is crucial for business success in today’s data-driven business world. The goal of the new Data Warehouse Optimization technology is to help reduce data warehouse costs and increase overall productivity. 

“Informatica has built a series of tools, technologies, products and capabilities that allowed for the identification and the management, and the extraction of data from source locations, and having a flow to put that data into the repository like Cloudera,” said Tim Stevens, vice president, Business and Corporate Development, Cloudera. 

The partnership is “very much a hand and glove partnership and very valuable for our joint customers because we make it easy for them to collect all of this data and get it into the Cloudera platform, which enables them to perform those analytics,” said Stevens.

Public Beta Offering of Cloudera Enterprise 5

The release of Cloudera Enterprise 5 delivers an Enterprise Data Hub with enhancements to Cloudera Manager for Hadoop, Cloudera Navigator for Hadoop, and updates to Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop. Together, these updates provide the Enterprise Data Hub.

Cloudera provides enterprises with a way to capture data and make it available for analysis and exploration to their users. This concept of the Enterprise Data Hub is essential in this world where information creation is doubling every year, according to Cloudera. 

“All of these different devices, sources and locations of data require a system by which you can get that data from its origination into this Enterprise Data Hub - into the Cloudera platform,” explained Stevens.

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