Cloudera Releases its Data Platform on AWS and Microsoft Azure

Cloudera, the enterprise data cloud company, is releasing the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Operational Database on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

CDP Operational Database is a fully managed cloud-native operational database that offers unparalleled scale, performance, and reliability. Optimized to be deployed anywhere, on any cloud platform, CDP Operational Database aligns with the cloud infrastructure strategy best suited for the business, according to the vendor.

CDP Operational Database works across public and private cloud environments, including on-premises. It enables application developers to deliver prototypes in under an hour on their choice of cloud, with the power to effortlessly scale to petabytes of data. Application developers can deliver mission-critical applications with speed because CDP Operational Database auto-scales, auto-heals, and auto-tunes based on workload needs.

“Multi-cloud is the future and the global need to enable remote business has only accelerated this shift,” said Arun Murthy, chief product officer at Cloudera. “With CDP Operational Database, companies no longer need to make sacrifices when it comes to their database. Enterprises can deploy on any cloud infrastructure to move at the speed that their customers demand, while also maintaining flexibility.”

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