Cloudera Reveals New Platform Innovations

Cloudera, Inc. is introducing new innovations to help businesses operationalize data insights faster by making data scientists and data engineers more productive.

New machine learning capabilities make it easier for data scientists to quickly train and deploy models with higher confidence and lower risk.

"We believe data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. With enhanced capabilities in machine learning, analytics, and cloud, the new software products and cloud services we are announcing will enable our customers to more rapidly gain competitive advantages in the data economy," said Tom Reilly, Chief Executive Officer at Cloudera. "These enhancements demonstrate Cloudera's commitment to market-leading innovations that empower enterprises to securely transform complex data into clear and actionable insights to propel their digital transformation."

Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.4 extends the self-service machine learning platform from research to production. With this latest release, data scientists can run and track versioned experiments, as well as deploy models as REST APIs with a single click. Data teams now have a unified workflow to build, train, compare, and deploy models to production on a common, secure platform that runs anywhere.

In addition to this, Cloudera Altus is now generally available on Microsoft Azure. Cloudera Altus offers Data Engineering for Azure, which simplifies and speeds ETL (extract, transform, load), data processing, and batch machine learning by reducing complexity, enabling engineers and developers to deliver more diverse data to data scientists, analytics teams, and downstream data products

Cloudera Altus Analytic DB, the first data warehouse cloud service that brings the warehouse to the data, is now also available on Microsoft Azure (beta). It delivers instant self-service BI and SQL analytics to anyone easily, reliably, and securely. Furthermore, by leveraging Altus SDX, the same data and catalog are accessible for analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and others using the tools they prefer—SQL, Python, R—all without any data movement.

Cloudera is also boosting its Enterprise platform. Cloudera Enterprise 6.0 delivers significant advances in performance and enterprise quality, showcasing innovations in search, streaming, scale, and control—all designed to help businesses operationalize data insights faster. C

Release 6.0 introduces GPU support in the cluster and Hive optimizations to significantly accelerate machine learning and data engineering applications as compared to the previous release—improving end user productivity and further reducing infrastructure costs.

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