Cloudian Launches Update that Extends HyperStore On-Premise and in the Cloud

Cloudian, a provider of enterprise object storage systems, is releasing HyperStore 7, bridging both on-premises and cloud environments.

This update allows users to manage data in both private and public clouds around the globe as a single, unified storage pool. 

“If you look at these clouds, Microsoft, Google, AWS, they all speak different languages and that’s a problem,” said Jon Toor, CMO of Cloudian, “But with this we have a single interface that goes into all three clouds. I now have a common language.”

HyperStore 7 is a scale-out platform that lets users store, protect, and search data from one management screen, no matter where the data physically resides.

In a data center, HyperStore 7 can be deployed either as multiple appliances or on industry-standard servers to form a single, limitlessly scalable storage system.

Now, users can also deploy HyperStore 7 software as an application in the public cloud to provide a single view of data across clouds and on-prem storage.

Key features of HyperStore 7 include unified data management, access to data anywhere via common API, scale-out architecture, converged data access, and merged files and objects.

The media and entertainment space, along with users utilizing software with Amazon S3, or going multi-cloud will benefit the most from this update, according to Toor.

Cloudian hopes to build out its suite to become more flexible in the future along with strengthening data visualization, data protection and advanced search capabilities, Toor said.

“It’s like we built the foundation for the house and we put up the framing, finished out a couple of rooms but there’s a whole lot of additional development that could be done to make use of this,” Toor said.

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