Cloudian’s Low-Latency Data Storage Offering is Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Cloudian, provider of data management software for the hybrid cloud, is announcing availability of its Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers on the AWS Marketplace. As an on-premises, fully-managed storage offering that provides self-contained object storage for AWS Outposts 2U servers, the solution delivers 112 TBs of usable capacity in a compact, one-rack unit (1U) height form factor.

Cloudian HyperStore object storage and AWS Outposts 2U servers unites management with low-latency, data residency, and local processing, both on-premises and at the edge, according to the vendors. Acting as a fully-managed infrastructure solution that allows access to data locally, the combination of Cloudian HyperStore object storage and AWS Outposts 2U servers’ local compute and networking services allows clients to expedite digital transformation, as well as enhance IT productivity.

“Modern applications require a modern data architecture that enables improved developer productivity, operational efficiency, and time-to-market. Customers are looking for simple, scalable solutions to securely store and manage their data wherever it is needed, at edge locations, on-premises, or in the cloud,” said Rob Czarnecki, senior manager for AWS Outposts at Amazon Web Services. “With Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers, customers can benefit from a consistent storage management experience for any application on AWS, whether running on AWS Outposts, in AWS Local Zones, or in AWS Regions, for a truly consistent hybrid experience.”

Once connected to a network, Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers leverages Cloudian experts to manage and configure Cloudian storage environment software—alleviating managing pains from IT teams. This process is then transacted and billed on the enterprise’s existing AWS bill.

Managed data is stored locally, meeting regulatory compliance for organizational peace of mind; the enterprise consumes storage resources as they would in a cloud environment, yet protected behind their firewall. Amazon S3 Object Lock supplies data immutability and ransomware protection, while expansive security certifications further assure enterprises that they meet regulatory and security requirements.

Along with Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers’ compliance and security, the solution offers advanced metadata tagging to accelerate data searches and provide easy integration with AI, ML, and analytics applications. Additionally, the solution is hybrid cloud-ready, offering configurable data replication and policy-based tiering to Amazon S3.

“As organizations deploy AWS infrastructure and services on premises, local storage becomes a key requirement to meet data residency and low latency access needs,” said Larry Meese, VP of products and solutions at Cloudian. “HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers provides on-site storage that lets customers quickly add Amazon S3 API-compatible capacity in a fully-managed solution.”

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