Cloudify 6.4 Release Streamlines Self-Service Conversion of Existing Applications and Infrastructures

Cloudify, an open-source DevOps automation platform, is launching its version 6.4 release for the platform, further connecting applications to their cloud environments. The latest release brings to the forefront its simplistic strategies for aiding platform engineering teams convert their application and infrastructure resources into a self-service format with efficiency and speed. 

“What organizations desperately need today is a platform that allows apps and infrastructure to work better together in both legacy cloud environments as well as in cloud-native environments, and that’s what Cloudify does,” said Ariel Dan, CEO of Cloudify. “Cloudify’s environment-as-a-service technology streamlines workflows and integrates the best tools across clouds throughout the application lifecycle, from developer self-service to automated Day 2 operations. Cloudify 6.4 features are focused on remote execution; this release simplifies ‘environment-as-a-service’ to the point that DevOps and IT teams can now develop and manage cloud infrastructure environments in much the same way as they create and manage applications.”

Cloudify 6.4 offers a plethora of new features to support the work processes of DevOps teams. With the new intelligent continuous update workflow, users will be able to manage continuous update operations via automatic application update detection and automatic healing and recovery of failed resources. Integrated tools for pre-deployment governance allow for consistent prevention against violation of regulations and policies without the risk of becoming a bottleneck. The new user interface overhauls user experience that accelerates resource to self-service environment conversion. Cloudify 6.4’s out-of-the-box environments support a large range of resources from all major cloud providers and consist of major infrastructure tools including Terraform and Kubernetes. Terraform-based environments see enhancements in this release, where further optimization allows users to efficiently import existing Terraform modules from a local file or Git repository to convert it into a self-service environment. Cloudify 6.4 also integrates with ServiceNow IT operations management to supply users with an end-to-end solution for planning, applying, and scanning governance policies within the platform.

“Instead of creating platforms that are essentially bloated CMPs, as many are doing, our approach with Cloudify is different: we’re creating an integration platform that enables teams to take the best of breed approach,” explained Nati Shalom, founder and CTO of Cloudify. “Cloudify excels at handling remote execution and environment management and is equipped with out-of-the-box integration with best-in-class tools for CI/CD integration, workflow approvals, cost monitoring and management, DevSecOps, governance and automated Day 2 operations. Cloudify is the bridge over a sea of complexity, allowing development, production, and security teams to manage their operations through one platform. With Cloudify, apps and infrastructure work better together, thereby improving developer efficiency and consistency between individuals and teams.”

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