Cloudinary Offers Certified SAP Commerce Cloud Extension

Cloudinary, provider of a media experience platform for many of the world’s top brands, has announced the certification of its new SAP Commerce Cloud Extension.

The extension for managing, transforming, optimizing, and delivering images and videos at scale makes it easy for brands using SAP Commerce Cloud to create immersive, in-store shopping experiences, according to the vendor.

Fully integrated with SAP Commerce’s back office, the extension lets users familiar with this environment hit the ground running. The extension is currently available through Cloudinary and will also be coming later this summer to the SAP Store.

Cloudinary offers a myriad of features for brands seeking to drive more conversions through personalized, beautiful and fast visual content.

With the new extension, SAP Commerce Cloud users can easily transform and optimize the product images and videos on their website and mobile app and ensure they are displayed correctly on multiple devices and browsers.

And with Cloudinary’s rich set of APIs, businesses save time and resources by automating workflows to manage images and videos for any platform or device at scale. What’s more, images and videos are stored and managed in a single location and delivered in the optimal format and quality via the most advanced Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

The Cloudinary SAP Commerce Cloud Extension allows brands to:

  • Drive conversion with fast, stylish digital storefronts
  • Boost engagement with interactive shopping experiences
  • Automated publishing process – fast track photoshoot to web

“E-commerce brands are competing in an increasingly visual economy needed to drive conversions,” said Gary Ballabio, Cloudinary’s vice president, technology partnerships. “To help these companies thrive, we’ve redoubled our efforts to introduce new innovations and partner integrations like the SAP Commerce Cloud Extension to deliver unique, visual experiences to a global online audience. With Google’s new Core Web Vitals UX metrics on the horizon, there is an urgency for brands to optimize their visual media—and without the automation required to manage both volume and speed retailers will continue to miss opportunities to make customer engagement and conversions gains.”

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