Cloudmeter Seeks to ‘Harvest’ Meaningful Information from Networks

Cloudmeter has rolled out Cloudmeter Stream and a beta release of Cloudmeter Insight - new solutions that are intended to provide a simple, effective way for companies to transform real-time network data into meaningful, actionable information for business and IT users.

Cloudmeter Stream is designed to help companies leverage the information that flows through their networks. It includes an "ultra-light passive capture agent" that can be installed directly on customers’ servers and does not require connecting to network infrastructure. The solution includes a built-in event processing technology that allows users to filter, transform and enrich their data in real time before feeding it into their preferred big data and analytics solutions.  “We are not aware of any other vendor that takes the information out of network traffic and makes it available for use with other products,” Mike Dickey, CEO, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

With its capture technology, CM Capture, Cloudmeter Stream can be used with all common web application implementations, including public and private clouds as well as internal networks. In addition, this technology does not require access to network hardware.

“There are obviously a lot of companies today talking about big data, and there is no bigger source of information for business and IT than the goldmine of information that is available in their network traffic,” says Dickey. Stream, he says, turns this “chaos of network traffic,” into a wealth of structured data that other big data tools can easily digest.

Cloudmeter Stream integrates with big data solutions such as Splunk, Hadoop and GoodData, as well as web analytic solutions like Adobe’s SiteCatalyst, and Google Analytics. In addition with a “one implementation, many integrations approach,” a customer can feed data from Cloudmeter Stream to many different analytics solutions.

Today, for the customer to get access to business information, they either have to use server logging or write code that goes into their application, which introduces delays, says Dickey. Since companies’ analytics needs are always evolving, that approach, he contends, is not able to keep up with the pace of change.

In addition, the second new product, Cloudmeter Insight, is targeted at the groups within an organization that are responsible for web applications, in particular web applications that are mission-critical to their business. “Insight gives a lot more information about an end user experience, compared to other APM products that are available and it also does so in a very passive manner,” explains Dickey. A key differentiator of the product, he adds, is that it is the first SaaS APM product that includes the ability to replay visitor sessions for detailed problem analysis.

Insight is available as a beta release. While some of the functionality is still yet to be completed, says Dickey, “we feel like there is enough available there today to provide value and demonstrate what it is all about.”

More information about Cloudmeter Stream, and the beta program for Cloudmeter Insight is available from Cloudmeter.