Cloudreach Harnesses Automation to Identify Impactful Opportunities for Cloud Modernization with Sunstone

Cloudreach, an Atos company and multi-cloud services provider, is launching Sunstone, a breakthrough software platform designed to accelerate the modernization of in-cloud environments.

Through the use of AI and machine learning technologies, Sunstone automates the continuous modernization of in-cloud applications to drive innovation, boost performance, increase security, and reduce costs, according to the vendor.

Sunstone utilizes an agentless, lightweight onboarding process to rapidly capture a cloud environment, before leveraging advanced resource grouping services to profile the gathered data and build a clear picture of the distinct workloads that need to be modernized.

Cutting-edge data and analytics engines evaluate a target cloud estate for modernization opportunities and provide a prioritized roadmap, aligned with an organization’s business goals.

The software enables technology leaders to maximize their cloud spend ROI and rationalize their in-cloud application portfolio.

Analytics engines immediately start parsing the discovered data for opportunities to move to cloud-native technologies to generate time savings, increase productivity, democratize access to compute and data, and save money. In this way, the software introduces the latest innovations from the hyperscale cloud providers into the target environment to drive business transformation.

Sunstone features include:

  • A rapid, lightweight onboarding mechanism
  • Automated data ingestion pipelines
  • Multi-layer workload grouping and dependency management
  • Iaas-PaaS analytics to move in-house teams up the stack and utilize best in class cloud native technologies
  • License optimization analytics to reduce overspend on licenses
  • Prioritized modernization roadmapping

“As businesses see an increased need for cloud adoption and investment, they will need a solution that can quickly onboard their infrastructure and make it cloud-ready,” said Brooks Borcherding, CEO at Cloudreach “Sunstone will provide organizations the tools they need to move towards innovative cloud technology that modernizes workloads and operating models in a way that is aligned to business goals”

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