Clumio Announces SecureVault Lite for Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS

Clumio, a cloud data protection vendor, has introduced a new air gap ransomware protection solution, Clumio SecureVault Lite for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

According to the company, enterprises today demand data protection solutions which protect application data outside of the organization’s access control domain to ensure business continuity. While the cloud operating model enables customers to innovate at a pace never seen before, Clumio says, it can also result in unbridled usage and additional complexity for the customer to manage. Organizations are continuously faced with the daunting task of doing more with less which can lead to balancing trade-offs between cost savings and meeting key security and compliance objectives.

Clumio says its rapid recovery capabilities have helped numerous organizations remediate ransomware attacks, avoid paying the ransom, and get backup in running in a matter of hours, and that its intuitive centralized management system with global backup policies seeks to eliminate operational complexities, helps ensure compliance needs are met, and enables a secure yet cost-effective cloud operating model.

“With the increased threat of ransomware and insider attacks to organizations’ business-critical data in the cloud, implementing a cloud data protection strategy that delivers air-gapped, immutable backups has become table-stakes. In fact, cyber-insurance companies now assess risk based on whether organizations have saved backups outside of their access domain,” said Poojan Kumar, CEO at Clumio. “However, in their effort to get this done, many organizations were invariably faced with the tough task of selecting between security and reducing cloud spend. With the addition of Clumio SecureVault Lite to our platform, we are eliminating the need to make this choice and truly making air-gapped backups in AWS effortless and accessible to all.”

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