Clumio Offers Splunk App for Visibility into Backups

Clumio is now offering a new Splunk App that allows users to gain greater insight and visibility into Clumio’s audit logs.

The Clumio App for Splunk delivers insightful and comprehensive views and analysis with drill-down capabilities, according to the vendor.

Now users can search views on the Clumio App that include:

  • Failed logins time chart-The full login record contains details of the login time, source IP address, and email address. If you see a spike in login failures, then you know something is wrong and with a possibility of hacking. This view has a time-based filter to narrow down the timeline.
  • Backups browsed-This view provides the Backup administrator if anyone has browsed through any historical backups, even if they have not performed a restore.
  • Datasources Stats-The view equips the Backup administrator with all the changes (Register, Update, Remove) made for data sources. Clumio can be configured to protect the following data sources, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) resources, Microsoft 365 Exchange Online mailboxes, VMware vSphere virtual machines, etc.

There are many more visualizations in the Clumio Splunk app for users to discover. All provide insightful information into restores and backup searches and more, according to the vendor.

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