Clustrix Announces General Availability of ClustrixDB as a Software Release

Clustrix, a provider of a scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, has just released ClustrixDB as a software download. ClustrixDB allows companies to run ad hoc queries and create reports on live data while being current at the same time their database is performing transactions.

Key features of ClustrixDB include massively parallel processing, multi-version concurrency control, distributed aggregates and SQL query fan-out.

The new software release provides a simple and inexpensive option for deploying applications. “We have the ability to handle everything on one self-managing database that can expand as you need, using your cloud model. We think is a real breakthrough and we can do all of that at a small fraction of the cost of a traditional solution,” said Robin Purohit, CEO, Clustrix.

“What we have seen in the last years is that customers are really struggling to figure out how to tackle this new era of customer data,” Purohit said. ClustrixDB customers rely on the technology to deliver over 1 trillion transactions per month in business-critical deployments. According to the vendor, AOL, Rakuten Global Markets, and Symantec are a few of the large-scale production companies ClustrixDB powers.

ClustrixDB is now available as a free community edition as well as a commercial edition for developers, a software download that runs on any cloud, and on the AWS marketplace.

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