Clustrix Announces High-Performance SQL Database Offerings with New Cloud Economics

SQL database vendor Clustrix has announced high-performance SQL database offerings with new cloud economics, including a new database-as-a-service (DBaaS) and Clustrix Version 4.0. The products will address the real-time needs of customers developing applications with big data and in the cloud.

The recently-released DBaaS offering from Clustrix provides scalability, performance and availability in the cloud as well as transparent pricing with no limits on transactions, data size, or number of users. “You have all the scalability, all the fault-tolerance, and all the performance of the appliance now available through Rackspace as a service,” Mark Sarbiewski, Clustrix’s CMO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The Clustrix SQL DBaaS is also the first relational database that is Flash-based (SSD), offering ultra-fast read and write performance and terabytes of capacity, and is the first to offer a DBA on demand: a team of Clustrix support staff that monitors database performance with clients.

Version 4.0 of the Clustrix SQL database includes numerous industry-first innovations such as a Dev-Ops management console, Big Data backup, and native support for JSON documents. “It provides a level of intelligence and insight that we think DBAs and developers have always wanted but have found very difficult to get,” explains Sarbiewski. This allows developers to spend less time troubleshooting their databases and instead focus on optimizing applications to help their businesses succeed.

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