Clustrix Releases New Version of Platform

Clustrix is releasing a new version of its software, designed to help customers meet the challenge of transactional workloads.

The new version of the platform combines in-memory processing, containerization, and encryption to improve performance, ease-of-use, and security, according to the company.

ClustrixDB version 8.0 now provides faster performance by combining the speed of NoSQL with the relational benefits of SQL for performance improvements of up to 300 percent for in-memory bulk data ingest, in-memory streaming HTAP, and high-volume aggregate processing; the ability to store in-memory or on-disk without separate coding requirements; automatic linear scalability to match growth by simply adding more servers; and full containerization for easy installation and deployment/

The platform is fully containerized, virtually plug-and-play, intuitive, and secure.

ClustrixDB 8.0 offers security such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption; high-performance, partition-level encryption; and it’s performance optimized to meet big data scalability in distributed computing architectures.

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