Coalesce Partners with Fivetran and Snowflake to Accelerate Adoption of the Modern Data Stack

Coalesce, the data transformation company, is forming partnerships with Fivetran and Snowflake to make data teams more efficient and productive, delivering faster results than any other data transformation tool on the market.

The partnership with Coalesce allows Snowflake customers to automate the data transformation process, cutting down on time and resources spent preparing data to get the most out of Snowflake. Without Coalesce, the process is manual and time consuming, according to the vendors.

"With near limitless scalability, Snowflake is a groundbreaking platform for ingesting data of any type—structured, semi-structured or unstructured—transforming that raw data into actionable information and serving those insights to users. Up to now, the process of creating and orchestrating data pipelines in Snowflake has been a largely manual, code driven task," said John Gontarz, field CTO at Snowflake.

Coalesce is also partnering with Fivetran, the leader in data integration for Snowflake, to eliminate many of the pain points customers can experience when preparing data for integration.

“Fivetran has always taken an ‘automation first’ approach to extracting and loading data,” said Michael Bull, director of strategic alliances at Fivetran. “Coalesce applies this same philosophy to the data transformation process, so we’re excited to make this partnership official and offer our customers an automated, best of breed ELT stack.”

Along with its strategic technology partnerships, Coalesce recently launched an SI Partner Program to go-to-market with the top Snowflake experts around the world. Companies including BDO Lixar, Digital Hive, Infomotion, Kipi.bie and Teknion have become Coalesce practitioners, allowing them to deliver results to their clients significantly faster.

The Coalesce Data Transformation platform combines the speed of an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the flexibility of code, and the efficiency of automation for data transformations.

With Coalesce, partners benefit from:

  • Speed of delivery - Coalesce automates the data transformation process resulting in more projects in less time.
  • Efficiency for everyone - Coalesce frees up time for engineers resulting in freedom to support more clients with less engineers.
  • Code standardization - Coalesce standardizes code and automates documentation making handoff back to the client seamless.

“We saw that data teams were struggling to keep up with business demands and knew that there had to be a better way to approach this challenge. There is no shortage of data and making that data accessible in an efficient and flexible way will be a game changer for many companies,” said Armon Petrossian, co-founder and CEO at Coalesce. “Coming out of stealth just a few short months ago and already having this impressive list of partners is not just exciting, but it also validates the need for technology solutions like ours.”

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