CockroachDB 22.1 Strengthens its Distributed SQL Database

Cockroach Labs, the company behind CockroachDB, is introducing CockroachDB 22.1, delivering updates across the entire application lifecycle that empower developers and architects to accomplish more, with less effort.

CockroachDB 22.1 enables engineering teams to:

  • Prototype faster. Developers can stand up CockroachDB and integrate it with their stack quicker than ever with:
    • A new command-line tool (CLI) so users can manage and scale their cluster with code
    • Integrations with the popular tools Prisma and Google Pub/Sub
    • Support for time-to-live (TTL), which lets developers set a lifespan for row-level data
    • Improvements to the developer-first offering, CockroachDB Serverless
  • Optimize more efficiently & avoid toil. CockroachDB already eliminates common database pains like downtime for maintenance, frequent patches, or black boxes around performance. With CockroachDB 22.1, users can now:
    • Automate deployment and scaling with a new administrative API
    • Optimize performance more easily with index recommendations and insights into transaction contention
    • Monitor their clusters with a new integration with Datadog
  • Scale better to meet peak demand, everywhere. CockroachDB already automates and simplifies scale. This release adds updates including:
    • Quality of Service (QoS) to let users maintain peak performance while handling millions of transactions per second
    • A new capability to address data domiciling regulations for multi-regional and multi-national businesses

“Our goal with CockroachDB has always been to enable our users to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations, with less effort,” said Nate Stewart, chief product officer at Cockroach Labs. “Seven years later, our latest release, CockroachDB 22.1 delivers updates across the entire application lifecycle that empower developers and operators to do just that. From prototype to production, from production to massive scale, building with CockroachDB 22.1 means the database you use to get off the ground is the same one you’ll use as your application and customer base diversifies and grows.”

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