CodeFutures Sponsors MapDB Java Database

CodeFutures, a supplier of database performance tools, is now the sponsor of MapDB, a database for Java developers. MapDB provides a way to access a database from Java because it uses the Java collections API and it requires almost no learning curve for a Java developer, according to CodeFutures. 

“With MapDB it is very natural because you can essentially read and write from map directly and the map itself is the database,” said Cory Isaacson, CEO and CTO, CodeFutures.

Jan Kotek is the main project developer for MapDB and is now working full time at CodeFutures. Prior to MapDB, Kotek was the main developer on JDBM2+, a disk-based key-value store.

According to Cory Isaacson, CEO and CTO, CodeFutures, the company has long used JDBM and MapDB in dbShards. CodeFutures intends to help expose MapDB to new developers worldwide through a variety of channels to expand the community. The sponsorship of MapDB, Isaacson said, “is going to make MapDB much more capable in what it is doing; we are going to be able to add new features and new capabilities.” 

Isaacson added, “We see that we can actually leverage MapDB in new ways internally and also we think that we can use our database clustering technology to make very advanced versions of MapDB that will be very powerful and easy to use.”

MapDB will remain open source under the Apache 2.0 license, enabling free access to the core technology. Version 0.99 was recently released, and according to CodeFutures, the official 1.0 release is coming soon.

Additional information can be found by visiting CodeFutures at or MapDB