CodeFutures is Granted New Patent for Continuous Replication

CodeFutures, a provider of agile big data technologies, has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent Office for its continuous replication technology that helps DBAs perform maintenance and other processing functions without downtime.

CodeFutures is the provider of dbShards, a platform that scales large, high- transaction volume databases using database sharding, the database scalability architecture used by Internet leaders such as Flickr, YouTube and Google. Going beyond traditional data warehouse approaches, according to the company,  dbShards improves the response times and scalability of OLTP databases, online services and software-as-a-service applications, and any database application with many concurrent users – all using cost-effective commodity hardware.

CodeFutures’ new patent provides the technology backbone for  dbShards/Replicate, its replication and failover solution for enterprise databases.  Continuous replication offers reliability between DBMS instances, even if one of the DBMS instances is offline, allowing DBAs the freedom to perform maintenance, restores and other vital tasks without downtime.

Continuous Replication can be used within a single cloud or data center or can span multiple data centers or cloud environments for Disaster Recovery support. The technology supports a highly efficient replication mechanism for high-reliability characteristics, ensuring that transactions are safe, even if one of the participating database instances is down or offline. dbShards/Replicate is proven technology, and has been in production for more than four years, with numerous customers using it under highly demanding circumstances, helping to manage large multi-terabyte relational database instances.

The patent granted to CodeFutures is U.S. Patent 8,626,709, titled Scalable Relational Database Replication. For more information about CodeFutures, visit