CodeSee Debuts Generative AI-Powered Codebase Understanding

CodeSee, provider of the first code visibility platform, is announcing the latest feature to join its robust platform—generative AI-powered codebase understanding. This new capability enables developers and engineers to interact with their codebase directly via intelligent query-response, dramatically increasing code comprehension and day-to-day productivity while inviting efficient onboarding, according to the company.

With the advent and popularity of AI, codebases have become remarkably large and complex, where implementation of the exciting technology often lends to increased code intricacy.

Turning this trend on its head, CodeSee’s AI-powered codebase understanding takes advantage of the AI boom by injecting intelligence in the way code is managed and comprehended, ultimately reducing the difficulty of coding workloads.

"Everyone is talking about generative AI, and although the technology is exciting, what we’re seeing in the market is the technology being used to answer very isolated questions and solve very isolated problems. But the reality in working in the huge, complex codebases at many companies is developers are still doing a ton of work in their heads to understand the larger system so that they can maintain it and change it with confidence,” said Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO of CodeSee.

“With developers spending so much of their time understanding existing code, we set out to build a tool using AI that finally relieves the cognitive load of a large or legacy codebase and gives them time back to solve business problems and write code,” she continued. “With CodeSee’s powerful combination of a visual graph and generative AI, developers now have the experience of a codebase expert sitting next to them, answering any and all questions, then walking them through how something works visually. Visuals, not just text, is still the fastest way to grok information.”

Developers interacting with their codebase can ask a wide variety of questions in their natural language, including “How does authentication work?”  Or “Where do I start with understanding billing?” The result of this implementation is maximized developer performance, faster code shipment, and greater confidence in code.

To further add to the capability’s intuitiveness, the feature offers a visual understanding of a codebase, allowing developers to follow execution paths with enhanced comprehensibility, according to the company. Codesee’s AI-powered codebase understanding function also delivers a detailed map of code connections and flows, which builds a sturdy foundation for future refactoring.

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