CognitiveScale Introduces Low Code Developer Platform Suite

CognitiveScale, the enterprise AI company providing AI-powered digital systems, is releasing Cortex Fabric Version 6—a new, low code developer platform for automation, augmentation, and transformation.

Cortex 6 helps enterprises create trustworthy AI applications faster, more affordably, and with business outcomes delivered through KPIs based on insights from data, models, and actions—all with minimal dependencies on underlying infrastructure, according to the vendor.

“Enterprises need to build trust into their AI-driven applications; it’s become essential in the market. The consequences of launching unethical or biased applications are prohibitive. At the same time, not making the best use of all the data and insights companies have to differentiate represents an incredible missed opportunity,” said Matt Sanchez, CTO, CognitiveScale.

The strength of Cortex 6 is that it provides application developers with a visual framework for implementing a new class of goal-driven, large scale AI applications, called Campaigns.

With a focus on tracking and measuring business outcomes, Cortex 6 makes it simple to turn insights from big data into trusted outcomes.

Using AI Mission Planner, a web-based developer tool, businesses can meet goals faster and achieve results easier with stronger capabilities around data sourcing and reduced friction points.

Cortex 6 provides a low-code framework, built to empower citizen developers to implement intelligent systems quickly and safely—within a matter of weeks.

Cortex 6 is also equipped with a cognitive data layer, powered by the Cortex Intelligent Profile-of-One and a set of Prediction Engines for identifying predictive, proactive, and personalized recommendations, or interventions.

Users can now deliver smart interventions at the right time on the right channel, improving efficiencies and enhancing service by sending help where it’s truly needed most.

The CognitiveScale Cortex platform consists of three products—Cortex Certifai, Cortex Fabric and Cortex Pre-built Application Blueprints—helping businesses operationalize trusted AI from design to production with reliable data and dependable outcomes.

The Cortex platform along with new enhancements to Cortex 6 are designed to solve the ‘last mile’ of realizing AI in the enterprise, making it simple to convert big data insights and models into actions, and by automating trusted AI on any cloud platform.

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