CognitiveScale chosen by Dell to Assist Customer Experiences through AI

CognitiveScale Inc., a provider augmented intelligence and AI software, is being selected by Dell to help transform customer experience and marketing productivity through AI.

Dell chose CognitiveScale and its Cortex 5 software to power and transform the core of their customer journeys.

By leveraging the power of AI to understand declared, observed, and inferred customer behavior across various channels and devices, CognitiveScale will enable Dell to generate additional insights from customer interactions and create highly personalized experiences.

This AI powered system will also deliver prescriptive insights for sales, marketing, and customer service teams to better manage customer engagement.

 "We are pleased to partner with CognitiveScale on this innovative initiative that will apply artificial intelligence in a practical, scalable and responsible manner to build deeper, more profitable customer relationships by providing real-time insights into rich behavioral data across every phase of the customer lifecycle,” said Cameron Sojan, vice president of marketing and customer engagement Platforms at Dell.

The future of customer engagement will need AI to scale and succeed, said Akshay Sabhikhi, CEO of CognitiveScale.

“Our Cortex 5 software will help Dell bring AI powered experiences within reach for millions of customers while empowering marketing, sales and service professionals to deliver new experiences to improve customer conversion and lifetime value,” Sabhikhi said.

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