Cohesity Announces Several DSPM Partnerships to Further Improve Security Posture Across Clouds

Cohesity is increasing data resilience with its latest Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) partnerships.

Cohesity recently entered into a partnership with seven leading DSPM vendors to help organizations increase resilience for their most critical data. These organizations include including our long-standing partner BigID, as well as Cyera, Dig Security, Normalyze, Sentra, Securiti, and Concentric AI.

The Cohesity and Normalyze integration is now generally available.

DSPM solutions provide visibility into known and forgotten data repositories across various cloud platforms, classify the data to identify sensitive information, and determine the risk of exposure for said data. DSPM helps users understand data usage, assess the security posture of the data stored, and comply with regulations, according to Cohesity.

Combining DSPM capabilities with Cohesity’s AI-powered data security and management platform helps improve security posture further across multiple clouds.

Companies can realize benefits such as:

  • Discover sensitive data across cloud assets: Gain visibility into sensitive and critical data in your cloud infrastructure.
  • Identify data protection gaps: Identify gaps in safeguarding your cloud workloads. Recognizing these gaps informs data protection priorities, ensuring that you can efficiently recover essential workloads when needed.
  • Report on cyber recovery risk: By combining the capabilities of DSPM solutions with Cohesity, you can augment your assessment of data security posture with your ability to recover. This results in a more comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity risks and, as a result, more robust protection.

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