Cohesity Launches Orion 5.0, Boosting Data Protection and Archiving

Cohesity, a provider of hyperconverged secondary storage, is releasing Cohesity Orion 5.0, enabling companies to simplify administration, reduce overall data copies, accelerate search and retrieval, and dramatically lower storage costs.

Cohesity Orion 5.0 provides a platform for data protection and archiving that spans on-premises and cloud infrastructure that can be managed through a simple, single-pane-of-glass user interface.

The fully indexed and searchable platform gives IT administrators easier access and greater insight into their data and eliminates redundant copies.

Data is now instantly accessible to any application and user via standard protocols including NFS, CIFS/SMB, and S3.

In addition, Cohesity’s platform scales incrementally to cover companies’ overall storage needs as they increase or decrease, instead of requiring administrators to set up separate environments for each specific workload.

To ensure that the platform continues to serve customers as quickly as they grow, Cohesity Orion demonstrated linear, non-disruptive scaling through 256 nodes, 3 petabytes capacity, and 80 GB/s throughput in a recent test conducted by the Taneja Group.

Key enhancements that support archiving for any type of content include simultaneous multiprotocol access to content via NFS, CIFS/SMB, and S3 protocols; global in-line deduplication and compression across all content, including the industry’s first and only deduplicated S3 object storage; global indexing and search for rapid retrieval; and file system and user quotas with audit logs.

Other updates that expand data protection capabilities include the ability to back up hypervisors beyond VMware vSphere, including Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, and Linux KVM; the ability to back up NAS devices beyond NetApp, including EMC Isilon, Pure Storage Flashblade, and any generic NAS, for both NFS and CIFS/SMB file systems; new file-level backups for physical Linux servers, in addition to volume-based backups, and bare-metal restores for Windows servers; and any-point-in-time, instant restores at scale, validated by a recent ESG Spotlight Report.

“We continue to simplify data protection for any platform in your data center, we’re now providing a new capability for unlimited scale out files and objects for all your data storage, we’re announcing general availability of our cloud edition, and of course it’s backed by our patented SpanFS and SnapTree technologies,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of marketing and product.

Healthcare, financial services, media and more will benefit the most from these upgrades, Rogers said.

“This is a big step forward in terms of being able to bring together this object and file content,” Rogers said.  “Next we introduce advanced analytics so people can actually analyze this data.”

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