Cohesity and IBM Extend Partnership to Tackle Escalating Cybersecurity Risk

Cohesity, a leader in AI-powered data security and management, is extending its cyber resilience collaboration with IBM, underpinned by the company’s completion of its Series F financing. With this deepened relationship, Cohesity and IBM plan to accelerate the development of their joint critical cyber resilience capabilities, enabling enterprises to adapt to increasingly dire data threats.

According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach report, the global average cost of data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million, having increased by 15% over the previous three years. With the price tag of cyberattacks steadily climbing, IBM and Cohesity aim to continue to bring robust security solutions to the market.

IBM has delivered Cohesity cyber resilience capabilities to IBM’s end-to-end cyber resilience platform, IBM Storage Defender, to empower organizations to better recover from data breaches and cyberattacks. Additionally, this collaboration brought Cohesity DataProtect—a high performance, secured backup and recovery solution—to Storage Defender, allowing joint customers to effectively protect, monitor, manage, and recover data.

“IBM is a powerful partner in the enterprise cloud and IT infrastructure market. They bring decades of expertise to our relationship, in addition to their investment in our business to help fund incremental research and development to offer customers even stronger cyber resilience,” said Sanjay Poonen, CEO and president of Cohesity. “We’re thrilled that IBM is working with us as we continue to help combined customers detect threats rapidly and maintain operations during an attack to avoid business interruptions.”

With Cohesity DataProtect and IBM Storage Defender propelling organizations toward safeguarding data against cyberthreats through extensive monitoring, the companies’ customers should continue to expect more capabilities to drive cyber success.

“Data breaches continue to be one of the biggest threats organizations face to advancing business outcomes,” said Ric Lewis, SVP, infrastructure at IBM. “We’re excited to deepen our collaboration with Cohesity to bring clients innovative end-to-end software-defined solutions designed to increase their cyber resilience and help avoid business interruptions.”

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