Coho Data Brings Flash to OpenStack

Coho Data, a provider of scale-out flash storage for the enterprise, announced support for OpenStack on DataStream and that the Coho Cinder driver is part of the OpenStack Mitaka released earlier this month.  

Coho’s DataStream Cinder API integration is intended to help organizations build OpenStack block storage infrastructure that dynamically scales both performance and capacity in response to application demands.

The Coho DataStream architecture is designed for cloud infrastructures and its SDN integration provides network optimized workload distribution and parallelization to support the scalability requirements of cloud-based applications.

The Coho DataStream meets OpenStack’s primary design requirements by offering horizontal scalability, shared-nothing architecture and the ability to distribute everything.

“Most enterprise storage systems stand as a stark counterexample to the operational efficiency and elasticity of infrastructure OpenStack is designed to achieve,” said Andy Warfield, CTO of Coho Data. “Coho’s Cinder integration brings a block storage solution that scales on demand and that integrates deeply with data center networking to continuously adapt performance in response to workload demands.”

Coho’s virtual machine visibility feature for VMware vSphere environments also supports OpenStack environments, providing OpenStack VM instance level real-time performance analytics through both Coho’s REST API and web-based Management UI to help organizations simplify performance troubleshooting.

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