Coho Data Makes Push for Software-Defined Data Center

Coho Data, a provider of scale-out all flash storage architecture and infrastructure solutions for private clouds, has introduced DataStream 2.8, helping to make the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) a reality by delivering public cloud to the enterprise private cloud.

The latest architecture release from Coho Data incorporates features that address many of the key elements required by enterprises to set up a private cloud on-premises with significant reductions in TCO. DataStream also natively runs file and block storage and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) on the same platform with multi-tenancy, quality of service and container support.

“Cloud computing will continue advancing, which will place new demands on enterprise data centers to keep up in areas such as ease of management, added control over the data and data center sprawl,” said Ramana Jonnala, founder and CEO for Coho Data. “In this spirit, we feel our new Coho DataStream 2.8 release provides our customers with many of the core components of a software-defined data center in a single platform that addresses their future, critical needs around consolidation, the rapid growth of data and operational simplicity.”

The Coho DataStream platform offers an integrated SDDC solution that uses the rack as its design paradigm, creating a new foundational software stack. Coho makes infrastructure invisible by abstracting and converging storage, network and compute at the rack level, thereby allowing for the right mix of resources for varied application demands. Coho’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) integration delivers true scale out storage performance, secure multi-tenancy, operational simplicity, and overall ease of management.

This new release also expands Coho’s portfolio with the addition of HDFS support. With this, DataStream now provides simple, native support of file, block and HDFS, enabling customers to deploy and unify different workloads with different service level objectives on a single platform.

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