Collaborative Development Gets a Boost in New Oracle Release

Oracle has announced a new version of its data modeling tool, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0. The new release supports collaborative development through new integration with popular open source version control software, as well as the incorporation of user-defined design rules and transformation scripts.

Integration with the Subversion version control software enables Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler users to maintain current and historical versions of designs, support multi-user access to allow teams to develop the same model, and notify users of changes to models as well as allow users to accept and merge changes. "That is a big thing for us to allow multi-user access," Sue Harper, senior principal product manager, tells 5 Minute Briefing. This is beneficial not only the geographically distributed development teams but also simply for normal, active development at the same site, notes Kris Rice, senior director of database tools

Additionally, many customers want to be able to control some rules themselves, says Harper. This latest release offers greater flexibility by enabling users to write rules based on corporate standards or design-specific criteria. And, new support for user-defined transformation scripts allows developers to make global changes or updates to a design such as adding a set of standard columns to all tables or adding or removing prefixes to tables or columns in a model.

The release is available for download from the Oracle Technology Network.