College Decreases Data Mining and Evaluation Time with Informer from Entrinsik

Southeast Community College is using Informer, decreasing the time required for data evaluation and collection, Entrinsik has announced.

Duane Roth, IT programmer/analyst and the team at the college requires a monthly upload be processed for all retirement deposits for the more than 700 employees on the payroll. The data file must be sent in a specific file format with a minimum of five records per employee configured with specific field lengths.

Several years ago, when the college was using another report writer to create the multiple records required, and the collection process took nearly one hour to format the data for the employees and send that output to an MS Excel file for further manipulation. The Excel file was then put into a COBOL program, and the pre-defined formatted output records were created from the upload. Each month as another month of data needed to be evaluated the data collection time was increasing.

Using Informer, time required for data evaluation and collection decreased dramatically and Southeast was able to create one record with all the required elements and then export to an Excel macro file for additional data manipulation, much of which can now be done using the "Add Calculations" feature of Informer 4.0. "The whole process from start to upload is now just a few minutes compared to an hour previously," notes Roth.

For the full article explaining the college's use of Informer, go here.