Collibra Adds Privacy Regulation Compliances in Recent Platform Update

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, is making platform-wide upgrades to improve access to critical data and hasten time to insight.

“With this release we are strengthening leadership in data intelligence space,” said Chandra Papudesu, senior director of product management, catalog, Collibra. “We are introducing new capabilities that allow data citizens easy access to data and faster time to insight.”

The new release introduces machine learning enhancements to Collibra Catalog and marks the availability of Collibra Privacy & Risk, a sustainable approach to compliance with modules for CCPA and GDPR.

With the new release, Collibra Catalog now includes additional capabilities that automate the process for Data Citizens to organize, discover, and understand data across the enterprise.

One of these capabilities is a new machine learning-powered data classification feature that streamlines the data ingestion workflow through automation so that new data is ingested, tagged, and made available for analysis faster.

Additional enhancements to Collibra Catalog include expanded connectivity, deeper integration support for BI tools and enhanced APIs.

“We are ensuring that any user or knowledge worker can access the data they need, understand, trust it, and use it,” Papudesu said.

The release also provides for the availability of Collibra Privacy & Risk with support for CCPA. Collibra Privacy & Risk uses a platform-based approach to privacy compliance that allows organizations to proactively manage data privacy policies, create and maintain a data process activity register, perform data protection impact assessments and evidence compliance to regulators and other stakeholders.

The Collibra Platform unites people and processes to find, trust, build and collaborate through access to the right data.

Additional core platform upgrades in the release make it easier for users to interact within the platform and include new search functionalities, increased access to reports, UX enhancements, and expanded developer support. 

Future releases will boost the platform into the cloud native space which entails a number of advantages, Papudesu explained.

“This release is important step in achieving our vision,” Papudesu said. “ It positions us well as we continue to build on this platform.”

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