Collibra Builds on Partnership with Google to Offer its Services on the Google Cloud Platform

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, is further expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to offer Collibra as a managed service on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Collibra and Google Cloud provide a cloud and source-agnostic data governance solution that directly interfaces with Google Cloud security primitives as a managed service on GCP, allowing data governance policies to be natively enforced.

As Google continues to introduce security primitives into Google Cloud, Collibra enables the policy provisioning for increased data security, governance and discoverability.

With Collibra and Google Cloud’s joint roadmap, organizations can seamlessly solve for multi-cloud data governance journeys including data acquisition workflow, lineage tracking, and the ability to maintain an enterprise dictionary.

“Across all industries, organizations are collecting both greater volumes of data and a great variety of data. Without a proper governance strategy, organizations will run into challenges with data quality, data discovery and compliance,” said Evren Eryurek, director of product management for Google Cloud. “Our partnership with Collibra provides a scalable, cost-effective solution for a well-governed cloud platform that ensures that governance of data and analytics is at the core of all data processes.”

Collibra first partnered with Google to build an integration with Collibra Data Catalog, making it easier for organizations to understand which data is available, what the data means and where it originated in order to make decisions faster.

Collibra Data Catalog provides a true enterprise governed catalog that supports a self-service shopping experience with automatic privacy enforcement.

“Collibra and Google have a shared commitment to enable organizations to build a strong foundation of data governance,” said Jim Cushman, chief product officer for Collibra. “We’re looking forward to expanding our partnership even further to allow companies to take advantage of a governed multi-cloud strategy and access a single view of data from anywhere in their organizations.”

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