Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud Offers Access to Data Throughout the Enterprise

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, is making new improvements to the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, enhancing access to critical data designed to help data citizens seamlessly find, access and understand data in more places.

“The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is a one-stop-shop that connects people with the data they need, when they need it,” said Jim Cushman, chief product officer for Collibra. “Digital transformation is critical in today’s business environment, and these new enhancements to our unique, platform approach will make organizations more agile by streamlining processes and enabling improved collaboration.”

Additionally, the company is launching the Collibra Trust Center, where customers can monitor the status of their deployment and find information related to security, compliance, and reliability.

Collibra has obtained multiple industry-leading compliance certifications including SOC I, FedRAMP, and others, and these certification attestations are published in the Trust Center alongside other security and privacy-related documentation.

 New features of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud include:

  • Power BI integration: empowers analysts to find and understand the content, context, structure of Power BI reports and the data sets used in the reports.
  • Enhanced user experience and navigation on the web, designed to help data citizens find what they need quickly and easily by introducing and highlighting Contextual Search, our new context-aware search technology that pre-applies facets and filters to return more relevant results based on user behavior.
  • Redesigned Collibra Everywhere for Desktop, which helps data citizens access trusted information even when they are not using the Collibra web app through a hotkey that works with any text in any program. The redesigned app has branding that’s simpler and more intuitive, and introduces a browser-based authentication process that will make it faster and easier to log in using corporate credentials.
  • New Collibra Everywhere for Mobile app, which enables data citizens to collaborate on and understand data through their mobile devices. The new cross platform app applies all of the same branding enhancements as the desktop app in a way that is optimized for mobile, and provides a consistent user experience across both Android and iOS.
  • Integration expansion, with the launch of new connectors including for Workday, enabling seamless cataloging and discovery of HR data.

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