Collibra Expands Data Governance Platform to Improve Self-Service Analytics

Collibra, a provider of data governance software for business users, has unveiled a new release of its flagship platform which includes functionality to support the enterprise shift to self-service analytics. 

New capabilities for collaboration, productivity, and ease-of-use in Collibra 5.1, the company says, are helping business users more easily find, understand and trust data to drive enterprise value. 

According to Stan Christiaens, Collibra co-founder and CTO, the new data profiling capabilities in Collibra 5.1 add a new dimension that allows users to better evaluate data, while next-generation interactive lineage functionality helps bring data to life visually. Additional technology advancements to the platform include an updated console and Spark as part of the infrastructure.

Going beyond normal data diagrams, the Collibra 5.1 interactive data lineage capabilities enable data citizens to visually explore their data, including business terms, policies, issues, relationships and direction, and features a visual environment that delivers easily understood views of data.

In addition, with the Collibra 5.1 Data Profiling capabilities included as part of the Collibra Catalog, the company says, automated data profiling and displays  important characteristics of the data in easy-to-use tables and graphs, so data citizens can know what’s in the data before they use it.

Collibra also supports mobile devices. For iPhone/iPad users, new dashboard widgets allow users to customize their mobile dashboard to see for access to trend and status information, and users can also attach files to items in Collibra from their mobile devices. In addition, the Collibra mobile functionality for Windows has been restyled to make it easier to use.

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