Collibra Leverages Crowdsourced Data Governance to Help Organizations Unlock Value from Data

Collibra, a provider of enterprise data governance and catalog software, has introduced Collibra 5.4 which adds new crowdsourced social functionality. The new capabilities leverage the knowledge and insights of business users across an organization to allow them to rate and review data assets and extend data governance engagement and collaboration.

While organizations today are leveraging some form of centralized data governance, but the additional ability to push data governance to the edge presents a new opportunity for organizations, said Felix Van de Maele, co-founder and CEO of Collibra.

Crowdsourced input helps move the best content to the top, and the new Collibra ratings and review functionality enables organizations to take a more community-driven approach to data governance and foster collaboration and engagement, he added.

The Collibra 5.4 ratings and reviews functionality includes a new starred rating section on each asset page, offering users fast insights into trustworthy assets (such as data sets) and helping them make better decisions about which data to use based on trusted feedback from their peers.

Additional Collibra 5.4 enhancements include a dedicated report catalog page and functionality, an enhanced data catalog landing page, a license consumption dashboard for administrators, an enterprise-level database replication support, enhanced quick search functionality that begins making suggestions even before a user starts typing, and an infrastructure to parse Tableau workbooks that, Collibra says, goes beyond what the Tableau API makes available in terms of metadata.

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