Collibra Unveils Collibra Protect for Snowflake Data Cloud

Collibra has announced Collibra Protect with Snowflake, a new offering to help teams securely and quickly access data to drive better decision making. Collibra Protect enables users to create policies that mask sensitive data via a no-code interface, so they don’t have to rely on technical resources. Users can apply policies and ensure data is protected across Snowflake. Collibra additionally provides teams with context about data to ensure that tailored policies can be put in place to protect personal information and drive better decision making. 

According to the companies, the new offering addresses the concerns of consumers who continue to be worried about how enterprises are using personal information. According to PwC, nine in 10 consumers want to see companies be more proactive about data protection. Collibra Protect with Snowflake’s Data Cloud allows organizations to control access and protect sensitive information, while ensuring that employees can work at the speed of business. 

Snowflake Ventures, the venture arm of Snowflake, announced investment in Collibra in January 2022 to boost product development and deliver visibility across data in Snowflake. This new Collibra Protect offering marks the first product innovation from the investment.

“Collibra and Snowflake are united in our shared goal to make data easier to understand, manage and use,” said Laura Sellers, chief product officer for Collibra. “This joint integration brings crystal-clear visibility into how data is defined and governed, simplifies data access controls across the Snowflake Data Cloud, and empowers businesses with better quality data. This is a best-in-class approach that enterprises can count on to power smarter business decisions.”

“This is an important milestone in our continued partnership with Collibra as we focus on helping customers across the globe easily and securely connect with data,” added Christian Kleinerman, SVP of Product at Snowflake. “By transparently delivering data everyone can trust, we can help organizations boost employee productivity, meet today’s regulatory requirements at scale and continue to innovate and grow.”

Collibra Protect is available through a beta program