Collibra Unveils GDPR Prescriptive Model

Collibra, a provider of enterprise data governance and catalog software, has launched its GDPR Prescriptive Model, a new best practices approach to help organizations prepare for the May 25, 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline, as well as build a foundation to support ongoing data privacy initiatives.

The Collibra GDPR Prescriptive Model combines the Collibra GDPR Accelerator and professional services to help global organizations understand their level of readiness for GDPR and define and execute a course of action to speed time to compliance. It also provides a foundation for an organization’s ongoing data privacy efforts, helping to reduce risk.

Not only are organizations working to meet the rapidly approaching GDPR compliance deadline, they’re also looking for best practices to help them protect the ongoing privacy of their customers’ data. The costs associated with a data breach include significant fees, as well as reputational damage that often results in loss of customers, said Stan Christiaens, CTO, Collibra. As a result, the Collibra GDPR Prescriptive Model provides spans both governance and GDPR compliance readiness for enterprises seeking to launch broader privacy efforts.

Paired with GDPR-specific professional services from Collibra and the company’s global consulting partners, Collibra delivers a complete governance solution that supports the broader, ongoing GDPR compliance and data privacy efforts. 

The Collibra GDPR Accelerator helps organizations speed time to compliance through delivery of an extended data governance operating model tailored for the GDPR. The GDPR Accelerator combines a rapid implementation approach that leverages core and extended capabilities of the Collibra data governance platform. Collibra Professional Services takes clients through a phased approach, including GDPR Readiness, Implementation (including establishing business processes and designing/enhancing GDPR scorecards and data quality dashboards), and Monitoring and Reporting to support ongoing data compliance with the GDPR.

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