CommVault and Dell Jointly Launch New Backup-to-Disk Appliance

Reinforcing their OEM partnership, CommVault and Dell have introduced the Dell PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance, powered by CommVault with Simpana 8. This latest addition to the Dell PowerVault product line provides integrated data management with scalability, cloud support, faster throughput, optimized deduplication and a smaller form factor for increased cost savings and operational efficiencies.

CommVault is finding a high number of users seeking to solve their onsite backup issues, notes Jeff Echols, senior director of cloud strategy and alliances at CommVault. Often, these organizations are trying to implement a virtualized infrastructure on their premises for efficiency and cost reasons.  However, he notes, once they consolidate down to that virtualized infrastructure, they often realize that the data management of that change requires more thought.  "We can come in with this device and solve that virtualization data management problem for them." Typically the problems revolve around the inability to finish backup jobs now that servers are "pegged out" and complications around taking backup data and restoring it into one of many VMs.  "We solve the management of that VM data very well with this device. "

Targeted at remote offices and any business looking to deduplicate, backup, archive and recover data to and from public and private storage cloud environments, the new DL Appliance provides up to 24TB of internal storage capacity in a 2U form factor, with ability to scale to over 300TB.

Additionally, the DL Appliance is designed to provide end-to-end block-based deduplication and can achieve deduplication throughput rates up to 3 TB/hr when performing weekly backup operations. The DL Appliance can facilitate faster backups and restores of both physical and virtual environments, with both VMware and Hyper-V protection options.

With Simpana software, DL2200 users can retain data longer and more cost effectively by utilizing the DL Appliance for Microsoft Windows, Exchange, SharePoint and Linux file archiving.

CommVault's virtual server agent now integrates vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) to enable more efficient protection of VMware ESX environments including centralized, off-host, LAN-free backups of VMware vSphere virtual machines. The Dell PowerVault DL Appliance is an ideal repository for agent-less disk backup of up to hundreds of virtual machines reducing the amount of resources needed to protect VM infrastructures. Additionally, automated discovery and backup of newly created virtual machines reduces the management and risk of unprotected virtual machine data.  And, with cloud protection capabilities, encrypted, deduplicated backup and archive data on the DL Appliance can now be easily extended into public cloud storage services from Amazon, Iron Mountain, Microsoft Azure, and Nirvanix for long-term, offsite retention.

CommVault also is finding that SMB and midsize organizations are interested in replacing infrastructure at their site, and getting out of the management of tape libraries. By taking advantage of a cloud based storage offering they can keep their local backups onsite and then as they get older, tier those to one of the cloud storage services

Addressing this need, CommVault also announced its "Cloud DR" service offering hosted at Rackspace to provide small and medium-sized businesses with affordable, flexible alternative to traditional disaster recovery. The company has also announced a partnership with Mezeo Software to provide enterprises and service providers with secure and cost-effective cloud-based data management solutions by integrating CommVault's cloud-optimized Simpana software with the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform.

With the Cloud DR service, CommVault seeks to provide small and medium-sized businesses with an affordable, flexible disaster recovery solution that leverages the integration between its  enterprise cloud computing-optimized Simpana software and Rackspace Cloud Hosting services.  With CommVault's integrated cloud storage connector for Simpana software, joint customers can use CommVault's single console to move on-premise backup and archive data securely to Rackspace Cloud Files, which provides unlimited online storage for files and media, allowing customers to reduce internal IT costs by moving infrequently accessed files and email data off expensive, tier-one storage to lower-cost cloud storage.

And, through CommVault's new partnership with Mezeo Software, CommVault provides enterprises and service providers with cloud-based data management solutions by integrating CommVault's cloud-optimized Simpana software as well with the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform.

The key theme with all three of these announcements is really the cloud component, notes Echols. "While they are all different, they all are tied back to taking advantage of cloud architecture."

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